Monday, March 20, 2017

Bournemouth Truss Loft Conversion

when your house was built can be an indication how easily your loft can be converted and therefore how much the job will cost

if your home was built before 1960 it’s likely to be ideal for a loft conversion
older rooves were constructed out of individual rafters with clear space between them which makes them simple to convert into useful rooms

During the 1960s houses started to be built using prefabricated “trussed rafter” rooves.
You can recognize them from their distinctive W-shaped webbing.
The big advantage to a builder was that a roof could be erected and felted in a day rather than waiting for timbers to be cut to size and assembled on site as they used to be.

The problem from our viewpoint is a trussed roof supports itself rather than relying on the building’s supporting walls.
This means freeing up the space inside your attic involves finding another way to support the roof.
Modern materials and techniques mean a trussed roof certainly can undergo a loft conversion.
It’s likely to be more complicated and therefore expensive than an already cavernous traditional cut roof construction.

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