Monday, March 20, 2017

Bournemouth DIY Loft Conversion

If you’re handy at DIY you might be able to save a substantial amount of money by getting a “shell” Bournemouth loft conversion.

We’ll take care of the major structural work, making sure your new room is safe and legal.
Then we leave you to fit any doors, stair handrails, plasterboard and skirting board yourself.
If you want to make other arrangements for installing electricity, plumbing and insulation you’re free to do that if you want.

Please don’t take on anything you don’t feel confident you can do to a high standard.
Trying to save money now can be false economy if the work goes wrong.
Whilst we can supply advice at any stage as well as building materials at a very good cost to you we would much rather take care of anything you feel uncomfortable with.
We’re the professionals after all.

That said, if you know a skilled Bournemouth electrician, plumber, plasterer we’re happy to quote for as much or as little as you want done.

Call us now and discuss how cheap your Bournemouth loft conversion can get. 01202 973790

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