Monday, March 20, 2017

Bournemouth Loft Conversion Specialists

If you’re searching “Bournemouth Loft Conversion Specialists” you probably have a few concerns about picking the right builders, plumbers, architects for your project.
Naturally a specialist Bournemouth loft conversion company will sort everything out for you from surveying your existing loft space, through drawing up plans and getting all the necessary permits up to completing the work before leaving you to enjoy your new bedroom, office, bathroom or games room.

To Set Your Mind at Rest I’m going to walk you through what’s involved in a typical loft conversion - everything we take care of so you don’t have to.
If you give us a call we can put you in touch with previous customers to check how good we are.

Stage 1 – Survey Your Loft

First we need to determine how easy it will be to convert your loft.
There are very few lofts that can’t be converted but more difficulty will add more expense.
If you can stand up straight and raise your arm above your head in the centre of your loft that’s great.
The pitch of the roof will determine the headroom you have so if the slope is more than 30 degrees, consider this box ticked.
A lack of headroom doesn’t mean your loft can’t be converted.
It just means you’ll need to have a dormer added to increase the usable space.

After headroom the biggest concern is the type of roof structure you have.
Traditional cut timber rooves are ideal for loft conversions whereas truss rafter rooves with their W arrangement of struts are more tricky.
They still CAN be converted but increased difficulty = increased price.

Stage 2 – The Plans

We will discuss what you want from your loft conversion then get plans drawn up.
As well as guiding our builders, plumbers etc. these plans will form part of any applications for building regulations approval, planning permission we need to take care of for you.
In most cases Planning Permission won’t be required for your loft conversion.
Building Regulations Permission is mandatory though and takes 6-8 weeks to be granted.

Stage 3 – The Work Begins

With the red tape out of the way we can finally start actually building.
Depending what you want & how difficult it is this stage takes 4-8 weeks.

Stage 4 – Enjoy Your New Space

Once we’re out of your hair – windows, staircase, carpets, bathroom fitted…
You can do whatever you want in your new rooms…
And feel good about the value you just added to your Bournemouth property.

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